Why So Crabby?

Here’s another story from our friends at Hope Clinic, Jack and Brooke! Seems like something isn’t quite right with Jack right now, can you help Brooke figure out why Jack is so crabby these days?


“Hi Jack! Have you been able to stick to ten grams of sugar?”

“Be quiet! You’re hurting my ears!”

“Um, Jack, are you okay?”

“No! I feel so mad, I could just explode!”

“Hmm. Jack, have you been having headaches?”

“Yes! All the time!”

“That’s it! Jack, spring is liver season.”

“I thought it was rabbit season.”

“No, not hunting season. I mean a season for your body. It’s liver season in the spring. The liver does lots of things, but its main function is to detoxify the body. The liver, according to Chinese Medicine, also plays host to one of our emotions. Anger! So, if your liver isn’t working properly, and the liver stores anger, then you can guess the problem.

“But why wouldn’t my liver be working properly?”

“No idea, but I have some thoughts on how to fix the immediate problem. First and foremost, visit Dr. Brad, and then you could stick a hot water bottle on your liver. Here, look at this picture.”

“So that’s where my liver is?”

“Yep. You could also eat apples, beets, onions, garlic or carrots. You could also put one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 12 ounces of apple juice. Try it, you might just like it!”

“Well, if it helps me stop being angry, then I’ll do it.”

“Great! And in the meantime, does anybody out there know why Jack’s liver isn’t doing so good? Post your comments below!”


This short story is written by one of Hope Clinic’s 12 year old patients who, when he isn’t tearing up the soccer field or baseball diamond, spends time beating his dad at chess and practicing to become an author.


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  • Gaylind

    I don’t know so much about “jack” but I do see an excellent writer in this article.
    Keep on practicing short stories with expression. Does the author like comics?

    • Caleb

      Thanks for commenting Gaylind! I’ll keep working on the short stories, and I do enjoy comics. Keep an eye out for more Jack and Brooke articles!


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